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Choosing the right food for your rabbit is key, so we would like to give you some tips to help you. First of all, it is very important that your vet informs you if they suffer from any illness, intolerance, allergy, etc. and you should also take into account both their age and size, as their needs are very different.

Once you have the answers to the above points, the next step is to choose the flavour and nutritional conditions.

Versele Laga Cuni Adult Complete Food for Rabbits

Cuni Complete is a complete and tasty food for (dwarf) rabbits, composed for 100 % of easily digestible, extruded pellets.Benefits:Dental Care: Dental problems are frequently found in (dwarf) rabbits. This is usually a direct consequence of unsuitabl ...


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Ingredients Versele Laga Cuni Adult Complete Food for Rabbits

Analytical constituents
Protein 14.0%, Fat content 3.0%, Crude fibre 20.0%, Crude ash 7.0%, Calcium 0.6%, Phosphorus 0.4%

Nutritional additives: Vitamin A 10000 IU, Vitamin D3 1200 IU, Vitamin E 80 mg, Vitamin C 100 mg, E1 (iron) 100 mg, E2 (iodine) 2 mg, E4 (copper) 10 mg, E5 (manganese) 75 mg, E6 (zinc) 70 mg, E8 (selenium) 0.2 mg. Technological Additives: Antioxidants

Features Versele Laga Cuni Adult Complete Food for Rabbits

  • Reference5410340612507
  • Weight2,5 KG, 500 GR, 8 KG, 1,75 KG
  • BrandVersele Laga
  • Product RangeVersele Laga Complete
  • FormatPellets
  • IngredientsWith herbs
  • Nutritional ConditionsExtra Fiber, Without Cereals, Natural, With Prebiotics
  • AgeAdult
  • Special Cares,
  • Small Animal TypeRabbits

Description Versele Laga Cuni Adult Complete Food for Rabbits

Cuni Complete is a complete and tasty food for (dwarf) rabbits, composed for 100 % of easily digestible, extruded pellets.


Dental Care: Dental problems are frequently found in (dwarf) rabbits. This is usually a direct consequence of unsuitable feeding which contributes insufficiently to the necessary natural wear down and continuous growth of the teeth. By incorporating specific unground long fibres with a high silicate proportion into the Cuni Complete pellets, a maximum chewing activity, the necessary wear down of the teeth and a healthy mouth is ensured.

Fresh Vegetables: The extrusion process allows fresh vegetables to be added to the pellets. The addition of at least 10 % fresh vegetables ensures their delicious taste. Combined with the fibres and the texture of Cuni Complete makes it a feed for (dwarf) rabbits with a high degree of ingestion.

Long Fibres: (Dwarf) Rabbits are by nature herbivores that need a diet with a sufficiently high fibre content and a low starch content. Cuni Complete contains 20 % crude fibre. The new, unique, manufacturing process ensures that the Complete feeds contain unground, long, silicate-rich fibres such the ones found in natural feed. These long fibres support and improve the intestinal and teething function far better than the crushed fibres in traditional rodent feeds.

Low Calorie: The combination of a low energy content, a low starch content and a high long fibre content, brought together in the extruded pellets, ensures an easily digestible and balanced diet. That way, your (dwarf) rabbit will continue to keep its ideal weight.

Florastimul: The unique addition of prebiotics, Fructo-OligoSaccharides (FOS) and Mannan-OligoSaccharides (MOS), has a healthy influence on the intestine's microflora. In this way, an optimal intestinal balance and proper intestinal function are ensured.

Vitamin Plus: The addition of essential vitamins to the Complete feeds supports general health. Vitamin A is important for the renewal of the skin cells, the sight, reproduction and metabolism. Vitamin D3 stimulates the intake of calcium/phosphorus and thus supports the bones. Vitamin E and C are important antioxidants that protect the body against free radicals. Both vitamins also enhance the organism's natural resistance. All Complete feeds have been enriched with stabilized vitamin C. In contrast to the crystalline form, stabilized vitamin C is much less liable to oxidation and biodegradation and therefore remains much longer active.

Pro Immunity: The addition of natural plant pigments, lutein and ?-carotene, has a positive impact on the general resistance and condition. On the one hand, these carotenoids are known as powerful biological antioxidants. On the other hand, they enhance the organism's natural resistance by stimulating the development of antibodies against diseases.

Optimal Coat: The addition of essential omega 3 - & 6 fatty acids ensures a healthy skin and a shiny coat. The omega 6 fatty acids are provided via specific vegetable oils. An extra addition of linseed in the Complete products provides the necessary omega 3 fatty acids. This way an optimal ratio of omega 3/ omega 6 fatty acids is obtained.

Anti Hairball: Thanks to the use of specific natural fibres, the risk of hairballs in the stomach and intestinal system is reduced.

Odour Control: All Complete feeds contain yucca extracts. These bind the ammonium and other components that are responsible for faecal odours. In this way, these unpleasant odours are strongly reduced.

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Very good natural ingredients, mostly timothy hay, highly recommend and the rabbit loves the good sized pellets.


les encanta a mis dos conejitos


Es el pienso que come mi coneja desde siempre, le encanta y no deja nada al no tener diversos colores o formas. Mi veterinario lo considera un pienso de calidad, por lo que no creo que lo cambie nunca. Comenzamos con el junior y ahora usamos ya el de adultos.


Es el que ms le gusta

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